Restaurants menus Translation

Translations of restaurant menus from one language into other languages is important for the restaurant industry and for tourism in general, since an improvement in the quality of the translations may lead to higher standards of service and better socio-cultural exchanges.


It is generally agreed that translation is not only a linguistic activity but a cultural one as well. The cultural element is extremely important in the case of menu translations; it is often impossible to find an exact equivalent for those menu items that belong exclusively to the source culture. The translator is faced with common problems of non-equivalence such as culture-specific concepts, semantically complex source language words and concepts not lexicalized in the target language. At Wadi Al Nile Legal Translation Co, we can solve these problems…… just trust us.


If translations are to be functional, that is, if they are to fulfill a given communicative purpose in the situation and culture in which they are received, translators must have not only a good command of the languages involved but also good knowledge of the field the text belongs to and some background knowledge about the source and target cultures.


Professional menu translations can provide and help to improve the role that menu translations play in satisfying the tourist’s demand for better service.

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