Pharmaceutical & Medical Instrumentation Translation

There’s no room for error in medical device/instrumentation and pharmaceutical translation – misunderstandings and mistakes can lead directly to lawsuits, medical malpractice claims or other costly legal issues.


At Wadi Al Nile Legal Translation Co, we have over a specialized experience in translating this industry for a variety of clients. Our translators are native speakers and educated professionals who have undergone a rigorous selection and training process before being accepted as translators of Wadi Al Nile Legal Translation Co translation team.


As a part of our scope of service, we professionally translate advertising materials to technical articles, white papers, case report forms, clinical trial protocols, and much more, our translation services will help you produce documents.


When you are communicating with international clients, patients, clinicians, physicians, researchers, vendors, suppliers and other multilingual entities, it is critical that compliance requirements, regulatory guidelines, research information, and medical and pharmaceutical terminology be translated accurately, while addressing cultural differences and effectively handling specialized and confidential information.

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