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We pride ourselves on translation into 150 languages


Spanish Translation

Spoken and read in Spain and throughout Latin America, Spanish is one of the most widely needed languages for business. A growing Spanish-speaking population in the United States adds to the translation requirements of many companies. Our translation company has an enormous depth of talent to handle any English to Spanish or Spanish to English translation need.


French Translation

French remains one of the world’s primary languages for commerce, whether in Europe, Canada or Africa. If you do business in Canada, you may need bilingual documents to meet import requirements. Our expert, native-speaking French translators can handle any subject matter or document type from English to French or French to English.


German Translation

German is one of the primary languages of Europe, and Germany is a major market for many business. ILS has native-speaking, professional German translators ready to handle translations for any type of business.


Chinese Translation

China is the fastest growing market in the world, and represents a wealth of economic opportunity. Whether you require traditional or simplified Chinese, we have the native-speaking translators and formatting capabilities you need to translate your documents accurately and effectively from English to Chinese or from Chinese to English.


Japanese Translation

Japan has always been a target country for businesses of many types. As with Chinese, its character-based written language presents challenges for translation and formatting of documents. We have a wealth of experience with Japanese to English and English to Japanese translations and has developed a large and versatile pool of native-speaking translators with knowledge of your industry.


Russian Translation

If you do business in Russia, you understand the need for accurate translation of your written materials. ILS has a great deal of experience with Russian translations and access to many native-speaking Russian translators with expertise in a wide range of specialized fields.


Arabic, Hebrew, Turkish, and other Middle Eastern Languages

Arabic presents many challenges in translation, but is the lingua franca of much of the Middle East and Northern Africa. At our English translation company, you’ll find the translation expertise you need for your Arabic business translations. The right to left flow of Arabic presents no difficulties for our formatters. We also provide complete translation services, with quality you can depend on, for Hebrew, Turkish, Persian, and other languages of the region.


Indian Languages Translation

While Standard Hindi and English are the primary languages of commerce, India also has uses other languages. We can supply professional translations to suit any business need in Hindi. Ask us about you need translation needs into other Indian languages.


Other European Languages Translation

Whatever language is required for the European countries where your opportunities are found, we can meet your translation needs. From Portuguese to Greek, and from Estonian to Czech, we have you covered for any type of business translations.


Other Asian & Pacific Languages Translation

If you do business anywhere in East Asia, Indonesia, or other Pacific Countries, ILS should be your first choice of translation services providers. Whether your business takes place in Korea, Thailand, Indonesia, or any other Asian or Pacific nation, we can supply native-speaking, professional translators to handle your most complex documents, and we can format those translations for you, as well.


Latin American Languages Translation

From Mexico to Argentina, Latin American nations represent a rich marketplace. Spanish and Portuguese are the primary languages of commerce, but differ from European Spanish and Portuguese. We can expertly localize your translations to match the language specifics of any country in this region, or we can create a neutral Spanish version of your written materials for worldwide use.


African Languages Translation

The emerging markets of Africa represent a serious linguistic challenge for business translation. Whether you need Swahili, Arabic, Afrikaans or Somali, our translation company has the resources and capabilities to meet your needs.

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