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Wadi  Al Nile Legal Translation Co is a leading organization of translation & Localization duly founded in Dubai and duly approved and licensed from the ministry of justice, ministry of foreign affairs and all official and government departments in United Arab Emirates. It is a firm exclusively working in the field of translation & localization aspiring to become the most distinguished company in this field depending on its high profile translators. It seeks to promote the principles of transparency and honesty, raise the international quality standards in United Arab Emirates.


Furthermore, Wadi Al Nile Legal Translation Co is distinguished by the depth and various scope of its services and an unmatched understanding of the communities cultures to perfectly convey and translate source language into a target language taking into consideration of cultural gap and differences among peoples and try to bridge such a gap, thus Wadi Al Nile Legal Translation Co strives to achieve no less than the highest levels of excellence and quality in translation and localization. Therefore, Wadi Al Nile Legal Translation Co plays a major role in maintaining international quality standards of translation and localization industry in United Arab Emirates and the Middle East region.


Our guaranty

As it is well –known that there are many translation agencies out there but it’s really difficult to choose the right one for the legal translation.It all depends on the experience,qualifications and professionalism of the translators.So,we ensure you the highest quality in the market at the most competitive rates Whatever your objectives or budgets.we can also find you language solutions that bridge the cultural gap and convey your message in the best appealing approach that would serve to achieve your market goals.


Our mission

Our mission is to take the translation industry to the highest echelons through strictly complying with international quality standards in providing a unique service and professional, high-quality language-related solutions that co0nvey our clients’ messages all over the world.



Our vision is to be the most trusted provider of languages related solutions that ensure the accuracy and professionalism. We believe that success comes from cooperation. We put all our company resources at the service of our customers and partners, from our production facilities, experience and network of experts, to our knowledge, energy and the innovative spirit of our people.


We will

  • Conduct ourselves with integrity and live our Company Values
  • Deliver superior performance
  • Foster an internal environment of innovation, collaboration, and trust


Our Values

We take responsibility for QUALITY…
We deliver CUSTOMER satisfaction …
We provide LEADERSHIP as a company and as individuals…
We act with INTEGRITY in all we do…
We value Wadi Al Nile Legal Translation Co PEOPLE…
We regard our clients as essential team members…



by delivering a translation that conforms to the target language’s grammatical, syntactic, and idiomatic conventions, thereby, appears to the native speaker of the target language to have been originally written in that language.



Be sure that nothing will be disclosed to any third-party individual or other organization. We adhere to the highest standards of professional ethics in doing our jobs. We apply a security way , it is simple , but very effective , namely we distribute your documents among several translators, none of whom will get access the entire document. In faith and testimony whereof, We will sign non-disclosure agreements with our clients.

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